Our Team

Joseph Dimalanta DC, CNS
US & Guam board Certified Chiropractor 2007
US & Guam board Certified Nutritionist 2013

Summer Vu
Chief Operating Officer
Clinic Manager, Dr.D Nutrition Wellness Program Manager


He coaches athletes in all divisions for his Physique by Dr. D team for local and/or off-island shows and also offers a Wellness Program for anyone looking to get in better shape and health.

As the only chiropractor on Guam to hold 2 different medical licenses, Dr. D is ready to help his clients achieve optimal health and wellness.

ABOUT Summer Vu

Raised in Portland, Oregon Summer Vu is the “Health Bistro Creator/Baker” and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) that connects and operates the Dr. D Clinic and the Health Bistro, LLC. Having over 13 years of clinical experience managing both the Dr. D clinic and Dr. D Wellness programs; Summer is Dr. D’s “Secret Weapon” for both partnered businesses and is a huge reason why both businesses are succeeding.

On the meal prep side, she along with Chef Lingo are responsible for the creation of all the meal prep meals in the program. Additionally, Summer is responsible for all the scientific detail and breakdown of all the meals, measurements, and makes sure that all meals are ketogenically certified by DR. D. as they enter the meal prep.

Summer also leads by example by reversing her previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes with a medical ketogenic diet and never looking back . Today alot of he her recipes are featured in the health bistro meal prep. The best part of it all is she continues to live a ketogenic lifestyle staying healthy and fit year round with her type 2 diabetes fully reversed.

Summer’s transformation story to new health is very inspiring for any person looking to reinvent their health with the Dr. D. Wellness program and Health Bistro meal prep. In a period of less than a year, Summer went from being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to getting healthy and fit and being a finalist and qualifying as a national level bodybuilding bikini athlete in her first ever bodybuidling show.