General Overview

Dr. D’s customized sports Nutrition/ competition prep Program- a customized program focused on improving sport performance goals and efficiency while still prioritizing overall health and metabolic health. Program is based on your individual biomarkers for health, metabolism, VO2 max (if needed), bodyfat, blood work, any any additional testing that may be needed.

  1. Initial doctor visit to go over past health history, specific show or event, and the realistic goals in amount of prep time
  2. Testing/Analyzing Phase (done at the clinic and at diagnostic laboratory services)
  3. Treatment phase (Formulation of treatment plan by Dr. D and Program Manager Summer Vu)
  4. Scheduled one on one doctor visits leading up to show or event to go over game plan, posing, presentation and make adjustments according to progress.
  5. Show or event completion (relive the journey)

Athlete Transformations