General Overview

Dr. D’s customized sports Nutrition/ competition prep Program- a customized program focused on improving sport performance goals and efficiency while still prioritizing overall health and metabolic health. Program is based on your individual biomarkers for health, metabolism, VO2 max (if needed), bodyfat, blood work, any any additional testing that may be needed.

  1. Initial doctor visit to go over past health history, specific event, and the realistic goals in amount of prep time
  2. Testing/Analyzing Phase (done at the clinic and at diagnostic laboratory services)
  3. Treatment phase (Formulation of treatment plan by Dr. D and Program Manager Summer Vu)
  4. Scheduled one on one doctor visits leading up to event to go over game plan and make adjustments according to progress
  5. Event date completion


What does the Dr. D’s Customized Sports Nutrition/Physique competition prep program/treatment include?

Doctor/Certified Nutrition Specialist Supervision and follow up visits. The Program includes multiple clinical tests done initially in the clinic. Additional blood work are also required  to start the program and these are usually done at dls. These labs are not included in the program costs and must be paid to the lab directly. Labs cost may differ bc different labs may be requested by dr d depending on goals of patient. Number one priority of all of dr d s programs is always patient s individual health regardless of what sport individual is in.

After all testing and labs are complete, Dr. D and his team create your customized treatment plan based on your goals and what he feels is the best approach to it based on your past health history, blood work, clinical tests, and bodyfat. Then depending on what program you have picked, 5-7 one on one doctor follow up visits are completed to monitor your progress and to make any program adjustments based your follow up progress and your goals.

The one on one doctor follow ups are very important bc every individual experience is truly different. Depending on what type of lifestyle and health one is coming from prior to entering the program, he or she will have their own personal journey that will not be ide typical to another.  Also, the follow up doctor visits answers all your questions by the doctor and his staff. This helps you form habits, and keeps you accountable as you make your transformation.

Customized Meal/Treatment Plan. All the lab and clinical tests performed during the testing phase help us personalize the program to you individual biochemistry and needs

  1. Specific Exercise recommendations (if requested) during program
  2. Posing and presentation critiques (physique competition prep)
  3. Ultrasound bodyfat testing
  4. All clinical tests needed during program to achieve goal which may include: resting metabolic rate, VO2 max, respiratory quotient, ultrasound bodyfat testing, anaerobic threshold, fasting glucose, ketone, etc.

Additional Services: (COMING SOON)

  1. Meal prep access to purchase meals during the program or after the program is completed to help maintain health and program results. All meal prep meals are tailored made to your testing and lab results that was done in the clinic and lab.
  2. Personal training services. Train and exercise to improve your physique and health with one of doctor D s recommending personal trainers.

What sports can I combine Dr. D sports nutrition program with?

Dr. D’s customized sports nutrition program can be combined with all types of sport and none are ruled out. He has worked with and still works with many of Guam s top athletes on the island from track, soccer, mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, volleyball, etc. You also dont have to be a top athlete to join his program. The program is for any athlete looking at improving the performance and reaching their goals naturally thru proper nutrition, training, and hard work. All of dr d s sports nutrition programs are also  designed to improve metabolic and overall health based on the initial testing and lab results. Anyone trying to improve or optimize their health and efficiency can benefit from doing the program.

Does Dr D use the same type of diet with all his programs and athletes?

No, dr d is an expert of many different types and uses multiple types of diet approaches. The approach he eventually chooses is based on the specific clinical testing, blood tests, patients current and past health history. Dr. D has coached athletes to victories, championships and titles using a traditional western diet, ketogenic diet, paleo diet, whole food diet, high carb diet, etc.

How successful is Dr. D sports/competition prep program?

Dr d. has coached and transformed multiple local athletes to become champions and win championships and titles on Guam and in the National Physique commitee (NPC) in the United States. His coaches athletes have won in NPC shows in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Louisiana, and Florida. He takes pride in prioritizing his athlete’s overall health over any trophy and looks to improve his coaching knowledge and ability daily.

Dr. D is a Certified Nutrition Specialist(CNS). What is a CNS and how many exist on Guam at this time?

Dr. D is one of only 2 CNS that currently practice on island. He attained his CNS credential after meeting all the requirements and passing the CBNS board exam in 2013.

About the CNS credential: “The CNS credential is considered the Gold Standard for Advanced Nutrition Professionals. We are in a period of seismic transformation of human health, with nutrition at its epicenter. The message from the science is profound: nutrition is the single most powerful determinant of our health. Be at the forefront of this transformation. Become a Certified Nutrition Specialist®. Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNSs) are advanced nutrition professionals. CNSs engage in science-based advanced medical nutrition therapy, research, education, and more, in settings such as clinics, private practice, hospitals and other institutions, industry, academia, and the community. CNSs have fulfilled the most rigorous advanced-degree, education, experience, examination, and continuing education requirements. The CNS certification is held by clinical nutritionists, physicians and other advance-degreed healthcare professionals with a specialty in nutrition.” Source: Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists