The Health Bistro Team: From left to right: Chef Lingo Quichocho (Co-Owner, Executive Chef) Dr. D (Co-Owner, Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist) / Summer Vu (Dr. D Wellness Program Manager) / Stephanie Mendiola (Health Bistro Co-Owner) / Dan Munoz (Personal trainer)

At a Glance

What is The Health Bistro?

Customized meal prep and guilt-free desserts by Dr. D and Chef Lingo Quichocho to improve and optimize your health

  • Decrease your glucose and insulin, and reverse your diabetes naturally
  • Improve your cholesterol and lipid panel
  • Decrease your body fat, blood pressure, and bodyweight with no calorie deficit
  • Learn how to burn fat with a well-formulated nutritional plan
  • Optimize your health naturally with metabolic therapy
  • Finally get into the best health and shape of your life!


Since 2007, Dr. Joseph Dimalanta has had his own holistic and natural health care clinic on Guam working with patients practicing both Chiropractic and Nutrition for numerous health conditions. In his early years of practicing nutrition, Dr. D primarily focused on working with and coaching individual athletes and designing their sports nutrition plans for either sports performance or physique competitions.  He was very fortunate to have a lot of success working with and coaching many local athletes to win both local championship titles and National Physique Competitions (NPC) titles in the US.

As the number of his nutritional patients and different types of cases and conditions grew,  Dr. D discovered a new found mission and passion working with non competitive athletes and the chronic disease population on Guam. Dr. D’s mission now is optimizing health naturally through nutrition and he is committed to taking on the great challenge of reversing diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity on Guam with his patients.

Because of the challenge of whole food availability and the easy convenience to eat unhealthy foods and meals on Guam, Dr. D set forth to create a one of a kind meal prep with successful Executive Chef Lingo Quichocho. Specializing in incorporating local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients into his cooking Chef Lingo brings all his special talents to make it a one of a kind meal prep and team.

The Health Bistro team aim to create a truly customized meal prep that is guaranteed to be delicious and satisfying, and achieve the full health results you’re looking for.


Whole and natural food bakery items designed from scratch to keep you on track and help satisfy your sweet cravings. All our guilt-free items are:


They are designed specifically to produce no sugar or insulin spike are made from scratch with no processed or artificial ingredients.


1. Choose a Wellness Program at Dr. D Chiropractic & Nutrition

All Health Bistro meal plans and programs are partnered with Dr. D Chiropractic and Nutrition.


2. Testing Phase

Complete your testing phase at Dr. D Chiropractic & Nutrition. The testing phase includes one on one doctor/nutrition appointments. Expect a full patient history and exam as well numerous clinical and lab tests.


3. Analyzing Phase

All clinical and lab results are analyzed by Dr. D. Then, along with our program manager, Summer, and Executive Chef Lingo, we will work out the specific food details of the meal prep design and specific approach that will be chosen.


4. Begin Your Meal Prep

Pick up your food from The Health Bistro, as scheduled, and attend your required follow up appointments with Dr. D at his clinic to gauge your progress. If needed, Dr. D will make any adjustments to your meal plan with The Health Bistrto.


5. Complete your Dr. D Program and Choose Your Next Step

After achieving your goals on the program and meal prep, Dr. D will give you your completion certificate, final clinic and lab results.

After completion of the program, all patients are provided with the option to continue future access to the meal prep to help sustain their health results and incorporate it into their lifestyle.

Our Team

Joseph Dimalanta DC, CNS
US & Guam board Certified Chiropractor 2007
US & Guam board Certified Nutritionist 2013

Summer Vu
Chief Operating Officer
Clinic Manager, Dr.D Nutrition Wellness Program Manager


He coaches athletes in all divisions for his Physique by Dr. D team for local and/or off-island shows and also offers a Wellness Program for anyone looking to get in better shape and health.

As the only chiropractor on Guam to hold 2 different medical licenses, Dr. D is ready to help his clients achieve optimal health and wellness.

ABOUT Summer Vu

Raised in Portland, Oregon Summer Vu is the “Health Bistro Creator/Baker” and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) that connects and operates the Dr. D Clinic and the Health Bistro, LLC. Having over 13 years of clinical experience managing both the Dr. D clinic and Dr. D Wellness programs; Summer is Dr. D’s “Secret Weapon” for both partnered businesses and is a huge reason why both businesses are succeeding.

On the meal prep side, she along with Chef Lingo are responsible for the creation of all the meal prep meals in the program. Additionally, Summer is responsible for all the scientific detail and breakdown of all the meals, measurements, and makes sure that all meals are ketogenically certified by DR. D. as they enter the meal prep.

Summer also leads by example by reversing her previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes with a medical ketogenic diet and never looking back . Today alot of he her recipes are featured in the health bistro meal prep. The best part of it all is she continues to live a ketogenic lifestyle staying healthy and fit year round with her type 2 diabetes fully reversed.

Summer’s transformation story to new health is very inspiring for any person looking to reinvent their health with the Dr. D. Wellness program and Health Bistro meal prep. In a period of less than a year, Summer went from being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to getting healthy and fit and being a finalist and qualifying as a national level bodybuilding bikini athlete in her first ever bodybuidling show.


A locally raised executive chef who received his certification in culinary arts from the National Culinary Arts and Baking school in San Diego, California. “Chef Lingo” is not only an expert at incorporating natural ingredients and whole foods with his cooking, he has cooked and managed many high profile restaurants across the US.

With the natural ability of creating, pairing and making any meal taste amazing, Chef Lingo brings all his special talents and is the leader of the Health Bistro kitchen.


The Health Bistro
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