Take the next step at getting even healthier, and in the best shape of your life and combine your Dr. D Program and Meal Prep with the Health Bistro personal training sessions. These sessions are goal driven and guaranteed to give you all the results you ever wanted.

The Heath Bistro training sessions are safe and customized to your physical limitations because the sessions factor in your past health history. These sessions temporarily take you out of your comfort zone of physical training as you continue to get healthier and make your own personal transformation to optimizing your health. The Health Bistro trainers work directly and under Dr. D and his specific program guidelines, but bring their own personal style, and champion pedigrees to the health bistro training experience.

The training sessions are specifically designed to complement ketogenic nutrition and also factor in multiple disciplines which include but not limited to: chiropractic and spinal stability, plyometrics, strength training, rehab, sports nutrition, etc.

The Health Bistro Personal Trainers
The Health Bistro Training Sessions: From left to right: Russky Peru (Personal Traininer) / Dan Munoz (Personal trainer) / Jesrae Moylan (Patient) / Summer Vu (Dr. D Wellness Program Manager) / Dr. D (Co-Owner, Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist)


The Health Bistro training experience is special and unique because it focuses and uses the healthiest and most sustainable approach on reaching an individual’s specific goals in a set amount of time of their program. It combines diet, nutrition and exercise to the fullest extent along with the science of ketogenic sport nutrition.

We have two great trainers who can both  directly relate to the clients they train because they both been in their shoes in the past and have went thru the Dr. D Program on their own personal journeys to becoming champion competitive athletes.

While everyone’s goal and journey is different; we feel it is important that our trainers are clear proof and excellent examples of what we preach at the Health Bistro. If you choose to join our training sessions here at the health bistro you will find that are trainers are very important pieces of the health bistro team. They will be extremely important in helping you in your journey to new health and the NEW YOU!



Born and raised on Guam, Dan is no stranger to the gym or personal training. A multiple Guam and NPC bodybuilding champion; Dan was Dr. D’s first ever Bodybuilding champion athlete and leads his clients by example. He enjoys reading, learning, spending time with his family, friends and his pets when he’s not teaching his clients in the gym.

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Raised on Guam, father of one. Russky enjoys learning, training and working with people and helping them get to their goals. When he is not motivating and pushing his clients in the gym, he enjoys spending time with family, friends and dogs. Russky is Dr. D’s first ever Overall NPC Classic Physique Champion athlete. He is also a multiple local and NPC bodybuilding champion.

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